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April 6th 2:00pm and 5:30pm

Toast Venue and Event Space

1345 SW Park Square Dr

Unit 300

Ankeny, IA 50023

Tickets will be avaliable
March 1st 2024!

Tickets will be avaliable
March 1st 2024!

Come join us April 6th at Toast Venue and Event Space for an afternoon filled with dance, worship, and desserts!  Each ticket purchase includes a small dessert box and an opportunity to mingle during the professional dancers during our reception post performance.  This is a very special show - two performances for the price and time of one!  You will expierence Encounter Performing Arts Company perform "What Jesus Means to Me", followed by the professional experience Enoch Contemporary is bringing to us - "Types and Shadows".  Join us for this unique experience!

Encounter Performing Arts Company:


We are so excited for our April 6th performance! We will be premiering "What Jesus Means to Me".  This ballet is so special because it was designed around the passion that our dancers have for Jesus.  Each song in the show was personally picked by a dancer and has a very special meaning behind it.  This 35 minute set will bring all of the emotions - you dont want to miss it!

Enoch Contemporary Ballet:

"Types and Shadown", inspired by C.S Lewis's "The Great Divorce", tells the story of a group of people in a gray and listless purgatory who take a bus to heaven. The various pedestals on which they place their identities are revealed as they see their creativity, intelligence, and fractured relationships against the light of the Creator God, the Teaching Spirit, and the true and beautiful Bridegroom. Measured againist the majesty, is anything truly worth withholding?

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