Encounter Performing Arts Company

Encounter Performing Arts Company (EPAC) is a pre-professional group of the highest level dancers at Grace Ballet and Acrobatics.  These dancers train all year to go out into the community and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through dance.  We bring high quality technique and professionalism into schools, nursing homes, markets, churches, and more!  

spark leap

Encounter is broken up into three different sequential performance periods for the 2022-2023 year! 


Sequential Performance Period 1

​Performance season: (September 1st - November 18th)

Sequential Performance Period 2 

​Performance season: (November 18th - Christmas performance)

Sequential Performance Period 3

Performance season: (January 18th - June recital)

What does it take to join Encounter?

"This is my first year dancing with Encounter! I LOVE it! We have become like a family! I have grown so much! Not only in dance but spiritually as well! The teachers are so encouraging! They really care about each student and they help you where you are at! I can’t imagine dancing anywhere else!" Emily