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Triple Bill
March 25th

First in the lineup for the afternoon is “Creation”.  It gives us a glimpse of God’s creation - days one through seven.  This set is more classical ballet filled with worship! - Encounter PAC  


Our second group of dances is “Chiaroscuro” - an art technique that demonstrates the contrast between darkness and light. The ballet tells the story of the true Light that shines in the darkness, breaks bonds of slavery, and leads us to true freedom. - Enoch Contemporary Ballet 


Lastly we have “Preachers”.  Preachers is a collective group of worship songs - we invite you to worship with us! - Enoch Contemporary Ballet

Enoch Contemporary Ballet desires to know the person of Jesus above all else, to worship His name and commune with His Spirit. Our goal is to use movement, dance, and storytelling to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Bring Encounter Performing Arts Company to you!  Bookings are available for our 2022-2023 season.

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