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Choreography Weekend!

Last weekend was busy for sure, we had our first choreography session!

Our outreach performance set (now-November 17th) is called "B O R N A G A I N". What is the storyline of Born Again ? It's all about a small glimpse into Christianity. We have five pieces we're taking with us around the Des Moines area. The first piece "Down to the River" is performed by our acro dancers. This dance is all about the overwhelming joy we experience once becoming Christians. Our second dance is "Sinking Deep". It is all about taking in "all of the feels" of Christianity - so much overwhelming love. "Weight of the World" is our third dance (also known as the book dance). This three minute dance is a short story about a girl who wanders into a library with her favorite book (the Bible), but after she sees all of the other worldly books on the cases she gets distracted. Her Bible is forgotten and the weight of the world falls on her! Our fourth dance is "Storm Praises". This piece focuses more on the maturing Christian who realizes that Christianity is not rainbows and sunshine all the time. Sometimes it's praising God in the midst of a hard, emotional storm. Finally, number five is a celebration of the rest of our lives as Christians! We're Born Again - new body, new home, and new future.

We are SO EXCITED to take "B O R N A G A I N" out of the studio and into the community!


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