About Me?

Hey readers, my name is Kelsey Egger and I am the new Artistic Director for Encounter Performing Arts Company!

Pictured above you will basically find my life summed up in four photos.

  • June 18th, 2022, I got married to that handsome guy ;)

  • "Summer" is my fur baby. She was raised by a single girl living on her own so yes, she is a tad bit spoiled...

  • June 23rd, 2022, my husband (Matt) and I moved into our house in Johnston, IA. Yes, you read that correctly. Just five days after we were married in Houston, TX, we packed up and moved off!

  • I have been dancing since I was four years old. Following high school graduation, I joined Ballet Magnificat's Trainee Program, then accepted a job dancing professionally with Ballet Excelsior of Houston. Now I am an Artistic Director for Encounter. My job "keeps me on my toes" ;) (I like dad jokes)


I'm going to keep it real with y'all, I am NOT a blogger. I consider myself creative, love trying new things, and I enjoy writing, but blogging has never been an interest of mine...

So with that being said, here is my attempt at "blogging".

With the exception of this introduction post, I am going to try to view this as "hey world, here are some updates about our Encounter company". I will post behind the scenes photos of performances, quotes from our company members, and other "bloggy" things that come to mind.


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