Audition Information 


Dancers who wish to audition for the Inspire Company must first submit an application and audition video.

If selected from the video audition, applicants will be asked to attend a personal audition in Des Moines, Iowa.


Dancers must have completed high school in order to audition for the company.


Please include with application:

- Application

- $35 application fee

- Head Shot

- First Arabesque (on Pointe for ladies)

- Pastor’s recommendation letter as a personal reference 

- Letter from dance instructor 

- Audition Video *all videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Dropbox, attached in an email*


Video must include the following exercises:


  • Pliés

  • Tendus

  • Grand Battements



  • Adagio

  • Waltz

  • Petite Allegro

  • Grand Allegro

  • Pirouette (on Pointe for ladies)

  • Classical Variation (on Pointe for ladies) - no longer than 2 minutes 

  • Contemporary Combination (ballet shoes) - no longer than 2 minutes


Attire for audition videos and photos



Black leotard (no undergarments showing) 

Pink tights

Pink ballet shoes

Pink pointe shoes

Hair - high bun

Stud earrings acceptable



White, fitted shirt (tucked into tights) 

Black tights

Black socks 

Black ballet shoes 

Dance belt

Hair - neatly combed 

Clean shaven

Contact Us

Encounter Performing Arts Company

1380 NE 66th Ave.

Des Moines, IA 50313

Phone: 515-446-8415